Our Story

Algepower Inc.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, Algepower is a producer of sustainable, renewable algae and by-products.  Our patented Polyponics® systems works year-round in cost effective and enclosed photobioreactor facilities. Polyponics® systems are scalable, efficient and adaptable for all-weather use almost anywhere on earth. 

The Algeponics® system is a controlled environment for growing microalgae in nutrient rich wastewater. With its patented technology, Algepower Inc. provides solutions to the challenges of waste remediation and cost-effective algae production. Some uses for algae by-products include high protein animal and fish feed, fertilizers, bio-based chemicals, bio lubricating oil and cosmetics. In addition, the Algeponics® technology has a positive environmental impact and integrates well with pre-existing feed and agricultural infrastructure. 
Our mission is to be a leading global producer of renewable, sustainable algae biomass and by-products.    


Algepower is looking to further develop and and promote our Polyponics farms through collaboration and partnerships with various parties inlcuding investors, food and feed producers, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical developers, processors, and government and educational institutions.